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Hell yeah...!!!

I just thought it was about time to update my Lifejournal again haha
It's not like many people are still reading this as I pretty much neglected my journal for a good while but anyway.I'm on holiday,it's 2.24am & I've got nothing better to do anyway ;)

Well I could follow my newest obsession and watch "Flashpoint" or read some fanfiction about it,true.
But it's not like I couldn't do that after writing this,you know ^^
You havn't heard about "Flashpoint" yet?!
It's like teeeeh bestest Canadian police drama televison series ever,I swear.A team made of five awesome guys & one pretty woman,some guns,cool cars and interesting stories.You couldn't ask for more ;)
I only fell in love with it like 2 month ago and bought the 1st seasons DVD a while back.But since then I can't get enough of it,it's not funny anymore at times haha

No seriously.He is really,really,reaaaally good looking (^^) but the kind of person Sam is makes him even more interesting.But have a look at him and tell me he's not pretty at all ;) And,and.What do you think? haha <br>How about another one or two?! ^^ <br> <br>Alright just one more of Sam and another one of the whole team and then I'll stop spamming you with these guys xD <br> <br>Now meet the team! That's (left to right) Spike who tends to call Sam 'Samtastic' which I find uber cute haha Spiky even said once that he loves Sams hair xD,Wordy,Jules who Sam adores like whoa but she won't risk the job "just because of love" *sighs*,then there's Ed,the team leader,Sg.Gregory Parker,obviously Sam & Lou :)

Enough about "Flashpoint for now ;)
As I mentioned before,I'm on holiday right now! Been for a week & there's a whole more week to come,yay.
I've actually been quite busy last week but I enjoyed it :)
I spent Sunday,first day of my holiday,with Chris (a guy I'm working with) at the football pitch watching a 5th league game haha It was a new experience but it was good fun really.Later that evening I was skyping with my best mate who's currently in Ireland.And jeez,I really did enjoy talking to her after almost 5 weeks... :))
Monday was quite a lazy day and Tuesday I did some grocery shopping for our trip to Bremen.
On Wednesday I went to a concert of Howard Carpendale with my mum :) It's a kind of tradition already as we went to see him once a year for like the last 4 or 5 years ^^
I really like him tho he's already over 60 haha His music is pretty good,I like most of the lyrics as I can relate to lots of them & yeah,he's just fun to see in a concert ;)
Thursday & Friday were spent in Bremen with my brother :))
Good,good fun! Been our first road trip just on our own & even tho the weather pretty much sucked we still had lots of fun <3

On Saturday my mum & me went to our neighbouring town as there was a 3-days kind of festival going on.You know,some stages with musicians & artists,lots of food,all kind of things to see & buy and such.
Not too interesting,esp not if you've been there a couple of times before during the last years but we actually went there to see Marc Terenzi ^^
Not sure if anybody actually knows him but oh my,I love him haha
He used to be in a 'boyband' called Natural back in 2000 until like 2003/2004.He started a solo carrer,was married to German singer Sarah Connor and well yeah.From like '05 til '07 me & a couple of girls used to spent a hell lot of time with him ;) We travelled through Germany to see him perform,we hung out with him and his band literally everywhere,went to his aftershow party,got concert tickets & backstage passes from Marc & just had a really good time and were pretty close.By the end of 2007 tho it got kind of quiet around him & the last time we met was back in November 07...until last Saturday haha
Well he was performing for about an hour which I already totally enjoyed :)) He played lots of older songs so it felt like being back in the 'good old times' ;)
He & the band did a really good job during the gig and I was already more than happy ^^ I wasnt even up to go & try to meet him as it was already close to 11pm & cos the whole area was muddy as hell.
But when we were about to leave me mum was like "Have a look over there,theres something going on...".So we went around the stage and tadaaaah.
There was the Mister himself taking pictures & signing stuff...It wasnt really crowed so it took me like less than a minute to get up to him.
He first was like "Hya..." *not looking up while signing stuff for another girl*
....*looking up.looking at me.o______O* "Heyyyyyyyyy! How you doing?! What you're doing here? It's been aaaages since we met.Like what...3 years?!"
And seriously,I didn't expect that AT ALL haha I never thought he could remember me as we hadnt met for almost 3 years and cos he's getting to know so many people all the time. But well yeah,he obviously could remember.He wouldnt stop talking about how long it's been,he wouldn't stop askin me questions and all that,even tho there were still another good few people around waiting for him xD
We were talking for about 5 minutes and he invited me to come to the "Europa Park" in Rust,which is a theme park with rides and all that and where he runs a horror show which just got voted "best horror event in the world" or something like that at least xD So yeah,we'll try to stay in contact now via Twitter & I'll definitely go to Rust later this year to see this horror stuff and Marc again :))

Of course we had to take a picture as well ;) <br> 

Well that's it for now I guess.
Just because I'm afraid LJ will do something mean to my entry if it's getting to long haha
Guess I'll be back by tomorrow as there won't be much happening anyway ;)
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