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Little update.Because I'm bored! hha

I'm pretty bad when it comes to updating my LJ,seriously like haha
But Facebook & Twitter are so much easier and I use them so much more nowadays...
Don't get me wrong,I still read my flist tho I might not comment as much anymore.But I'm just too lazy to update myself,to write a whole entry with lots of sentences and all ^^
If I'm using Twitter I'm done in less than a minute...or even updating my Facebook status is much more easier.
Yes,I am THAT lazy most of the time xD
(If you want to follow me on Twitter or be my friend on Facebook,just let me know btw! I'd love you even more^^)

And I always got the feeling I havn't got too much to talk about really.
I'm working at another hotel now.
4*,lots of business men.Right beside the "Arena auf Schalke".Lots of football players.Good fun really!
Our manager just went to town yesterday to get us some icecream because there was nothing to do beside...haha
How epic is that like? xD

I'm planning to go to Cork with my bestie in June to see Westlife <3
Couldn't make it to their arena tour this year because of work hence why I need need need to catch a summer show a.k.a. an open air to see them at least once this year! I just HAVE to because this years tour is just slightly amazing ^^

Beside that...nothing much to tell I guess.
Went to a lot of handball games during the last weeks and months,good times! :)
Went to see a 5th league football match today with a former work mate & good friend,Chris.
I could swear there is something between us but I don't know,hard to tell really.
Love is not my favourite topic anyway -.- ^^

Right,I'm just going to watch a DVD now because I'm off work tomorrow and not tired yet ;)
I know this entry was

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