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More pretty men playing Handball!

Shall we just move on with pretty men and quit the talking?

There's Lars Kaufmann!
Usually called Lucky Luke or Toni.
Left back #21 - 28yrs - 1,99m - playing for 'FA Göppingen'

His shots easily reach more than 100kmh! You better be careful ;)

Lars has funny hair! haha But he got quit of the longish style a few month ago...^^

There's Sven-Sören Christophersen!
Usually called Smöre.
Centre back/left back #13 - 25yrs - 1,98m - playing for 'Füchse Berlin'

He's another one who likes to pose...

He'd love to be part of a boyband! haha

But of course...he's a good one on the field as well!

There's Uwe Gensheimer!
Outside left #3 - 24yrs - 1,88m - playing for 'Rhein Neckar Löwen'

Typical Uwe after scoring a goal...

Old school Uwe! Back from 2005 haha

There's Dominik Klein!
Usually called Mini :)
Outside left #5 - 27yrs - 1,90m - playing for 'THW Kiel'

He's definitely my favourite on the left now that Torsten Jansen isnt there...
Plus he's covered with freckles which I find utterly cute haha

Mini is awesome with kids!

He likes to dress up haha

Is always up for a this scene they made fun of "Prison Break" ^^

And Mini likes to get naked! Only for the good case of course ;)

There's Sebastian Preiß!
Usually called Preißi.
Pivot #8 - 29yrs - 1,95m - playing for 'TBV Lemgo'

He's been there since like...forever? At least as far back as I can remember haha
This picture was taken 10 years ago^^

Preißi is still as good as ever at what he's doing ;)

There's Oliver Roggisch!
Usually just called Olli haha
Pivot #4 - 32yrs - 2,02m - playing for 'Rhein Neckar Löwen'

He's like a wall! haha

Oli loves to go fishing!

And diving!

He likes to show off on Facebook ;)

And he loves to eat xD

There's Jacob Heinl!
Pivot #9 - 24yrs - 1,95m - playing for 'SG Flensburg-Handewitt'

Baby Jacob^^

Loves to play...

And is a typical man! haha

That is it for the main squad who is playing this WorldCup!
There are a good few awesome guys missing...unfortunately.
But I'm going to do another spam with these guys tomorrow ;)
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