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It's the time of the year again...

...the time of the year where a handball tournament takes place! ;)
And in opposition to football (where every 2 years either a World Cup or an EURO takes places^^) when it comes to handball there's a tournament happening every year.Us fans enjoy it,sure.The players aren't too happy about it tho,obviously haha

Germany is currently playing against Bahrain.Halftime now and we are leading 20 - 9 haha
And I thought I could use the time until the 2nd half begins to start with my pic spam for countess13 so she will get to know our squad ;)

I'm really not sure if my LJ Cut will work today but we'll just try.If it doesn't work..well I'm sorry for spamming your Friendslist with dozen of pictures haha

So.Our goalies! We got 3 of them.

Left to right: Johannes Bitter aka Jogi - Silvio Heinevetter aka Heine - Carsten Lichtlein aka Lütti or Carelight
We havent a typical 'No1' goalie like it's known in a football squad.The guys just share their time on the pitch ;)

There's Silvio Heinevetter!
Usually called Heine.
Goalie #12 - 26yrs - 1,94m - playing for 'Füchse Berlin'

His hair is never done haha Wether he's on the pitch or offside,it just doesn't matter.
Or he just hides it cos he loves to wear any kind of hats and caps ;)

He likes to party!

And he likes to pose haha

Typical Silvio during a game!

There's Johannes Bitter!
Usually called Jogi.
Goalie #1 - 28yrs - 2,05m - playing for 'HSV Handball'

He's huuuge! haha But utterly cute and sweet^^ Offside the field only of course ;)

He definitely know's how to celebrate a World Cup ;)

Jogi on the field...another man! haha

Difficult to get the ball into the goal while Jogi is there ^^

Oh and he can be quite a dork.But still a lovely one haha

There's Carsten Lichtlein!
Usually called Lütti or Carelight haha
Goalie #16 - 30yrs - 2,02m - playing for 'TBV Lemgo'

Lütti likes to model ;)

And lord can he jump!

Ok,let's move on.
There's Christian Sprenger!
Usually called Sprengi.
Outside right #20 - 27yrs - 1,90m - playing for 'THW Kiel'

He likes to score...

And he's a good man in the defense as well!

Tough cookie he is! haha

Unfortunately he's kinda unlucky when it comes to injuries at huge tournaments...

There's Patrick Groetzki!
Outside right #14 - 21yrs - 1,89m - playing for 'Rhein Neckar Löwen'

Goalies don't dare to move when Patrick is on his way ^^

Which he enjoys haha

Pretty hair he has,no? xD

There's Holger Glandorf!
Probably the unprettiest of the squad haha Sorry ;)
Right back #11 - 27yrs - 1,97m - playing for 'TBV Lemgo'

Even tho he's not pretty he's quite good at scoring...haha

I thought we need more than just 2 pictures of Holger in here so I decided to pick this one...just because there is Bobo on it as well! <3 ^^

There's Adrian Pfahl!
Usually called Addi :)
Right back #6 - 28yrs - 1,92m - playing for 'VFL Gummersbach'

Unfortunately there arent too many pictures of Addi around :(

He hasnt been in the national squad for too long even tho he's already 28 but he definitely deserves to be part of it now!

And he's enjoying it haha

There's Michael Haaß!
Usually called Hassan :)
Centre back #24 - 27yrs - 1,94m - playing for 'FA Göppingen'

Pretty man he is...^^

And always up for a laugh ;)

He loves to travel to Hawaii because he enjoys surfing! :)

There's Michael Kraus!
Usually called Mimi :)
Centre back #18 - 27yrs - 1,87m - playing for 'HSV Handball'

He used to be the "BRAVO Boy of the Year" aka been the prettiest boy back then ;) I can't remember which year it was but as far as I remember he was 16 at that point haha

And damn he IS pretty ^^

He loves to pose...he loves to model...

...but of course he's playing handball as well.And he's good at it haha

You should hear him laugh btw! It's so bloody funny xD
One more because it's Mimi after all...^^

There's Pascal Hens!
Usually called Pommes haha
Left back #2 - 30yrs - 2,03m - playing for 'HSV Handball'

His hair is by faaar the coolest! haha

When he jumps he easily gets up to 3m and more!

Jogi & Pommes enjoy to win!haha

End of Part 1 !! ;)
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