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What a year...

Another beautiful & gorgeous person past away yesterday...all of a sudden and so bloody unexpected.He was only 60 after all :(

R.I.P. Daddy Byrne!

Thoughts & prayers go out to Nicky,his mom Yvonne,Gillian,Adam & the rest of the family...
Nicky Sr will be truely missed <3

It's just so wrong...Nicky Sr seemed to be full of life & like he enjoyed it to bits. I still remember the time he performed together with the other lads dads 'That's Life' live on telly...or when Nico 'punked' his mum & dad on 'Anomynous' being the weird Garda lad who came to their home which was just incredibly funny <3
I even saw him once at the Point Theatre in Dublin right before a Westlife concert but I didnt bother to walk up to him,his wife & Adam as it just felt wrong to me...tho I guess he would have been anything but unfriendly or such if I'd have talked to him or such ^^

Nicky Sr passing away just makes you realize once more what's really important in fast life can change & how soon everything can be over *sighs*

2006 during a football tournament...

Back in 2000 :)

I'm pretty worried about Nico tbh...after all he was so damn close to his dad & I guess it's fairly known how sensible Nico actually is...
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