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[November 17, 2011]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Once again it's been ages.
Nothing new about that haha
Honestly it's all about Twitter & Facebook lately.

What to tell you?
My all-time-favourite band split.
Westlife,yes indeed :(
There are still at least 7 more month to go which will include a whole tour until they will finally split,still it's pretty sad.
They've been part of my life for the last 11 years like.
Because of them I met my best mate in the whole world <3
And I made so many other friends because of the lads,you wouldn't believe it.
Even tho it's the last tour ever I'm so looking forward to it.So far we're doing Cardiff (2x),Sheffield & Dublin.We might do Dublin twice as well,we will see haha
It's their last tour so don't blame us,we gotta fit in as many dates as possible. (Sometimes I think the fact that it is the LAST tour EVER didn't quite sink in yet,cos it's so unreal *sighs*)
Westlife were just always there.
Even if they took a break for about a year.
Guess it will be quite hard once they are gone.
But now there are 7 months to enjoy before we'll cry our eyes & hearts out during their last show :(

I still enjoy my job.
One reason might be the footie players I got to know since I started working at this hotel haha
When I applied for this job I already met Bene Höwedes which was good fun.
And ever since I got this job,jeez,I don't even know how many famous people I met haha
Me favourites definitely are
Ralf Fährmann
Christian Fuchs
Ali Karimi
Teemu Pukki
Ciprian Marica
Marco Höger
Marcelo Bordon
Michael Delura
Timo Hildebrand
...there are quite a few otheres but oh my haha
All time favourite must have been Timo Hildebrand tho <3
It was so so so unreal when he was standing in front of me one day ^^ I gotta admit tho,all footie players I've met so far been utterly nice really!
I love Timo & Michael Delura because they don't like being called by their surnames.It makes them feel old hahaha Hence why they prefer being called Timo & Micha ^^

Best mate and me just spent a weekend at a 4*hotel,good times :)
We relaxex,we swam,we ate,we had fun.
And we were surrounded by handball players ;)

I don't know what else to tell you right now.
Far too tired I supppose?

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Little update.Because I'm bored! hha [April 03, 2011]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm pretty bad when it comes to updating my LJ,seriously like haha
But Facebook & Twitter are so much easier and I use them so much more nowadays...
Don't get me wrong,I still read my flist tho I might not comment as much anymore.But I'm just too lazy to update myself,to write a whole entry with lots of sentences and all ^^
If I'm using Twitter I'm done in less than a minute...or even updating my Facebook status is much more easier.
Yes,I am THAT lazy most of the time xD
(If you want to follow me on Twitter or be my friend on Facebook,just let me know btw! I'd love you even more^^)

And I always got the feeling I havn't got too much to talk about really.
I'm working at another hotel now.
4*,lots of business men.Right beside the "Arena auf Schalke".Lots of football players.Good fun really!
Our manager just went to town yesterday to get us some icecream because there was nothing to do beside...haha
How epic is that like? xD

I'm planning to go to Cork with my bestie in June to see Westlife <3
Couldn't make it to their arena tour this year because of work hence why I need need need to catch a summer show a.k.a. an open air to see them at least once this year! I just HAVE to because this years tour is just slightly amazing ^^

Beside that...nothing much to tell I guess.
Went to a lot of handball games during the last weeks and months,good times! :)
Went to see a 5th league football match today with a former work mate & good friend,Chris.
I could swear there is something between us but I don't know,hard to tell really.
Love is not my favourite topic anyway -.- ^^

Right,I'm just going to watch a DVD now because I'm off work tomorrow and not tired yet ;)
I know this entry was

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More pretty men playing Handball! [January 16, 2011]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Part 2 ahead ;)Collapse )

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It's the time of the year again... [January 16, 2011]
[ mood | cheerful ]

...the time of the year where a handball tournament takes place! ;)
And in opposition to football (where every 2 years either a World Cup or an EURO takes places^^) when it comes to handball there's a tournament happening every year.Us fans enjoy it,sure.The players aren't too happy about it tho,obviously haha

Germany is currently playing against Bahrain.Halftime now and we are leading 20 - 9 haha
And I thought I could use the time until the 2nd half begins to start with my pic spam for countess13 so she will get to know our squad ;)

So let's start off with our goalies ;)Collapse )

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[October 19, 2010]
[ mood | sad ]

Another day,another entry...Collapse )

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[October 19, 2010]

I actually wanted to post another entry but LJ ate it agan -____-
Thank you very much.
But then again,it wasnt really interesting.
I was telling you about the guys that are currently keeping my mind busy.
Suppose tho the entry was more like for myself.To figure what they mean to me,what happened and stuff.
Because there are 6 of them at the moment.
I actually feel weird telling you that there are 6 guys in my life right now cos that makes me sound kinda cheap,doesnt it :/
But its not like I'm dating all of them!
Ha,I wish.
I'm not even dating a single ONE...

Short version of what I wrote before to make it clear!

I used to have a huge crush on him.I might have even loved him but I hate using that big word on him because he doesnt deserve it.End of story.I actually knew he never meant it serious and friends of us who know him longer than I do told me so as well.
But I guess I just had to make my own experience and suffer...he's still on my mind every now and then tho :/

I still like him very much.But just in a friendly way I guess.At least there are no more butterflies in my stomach when we meet nowadays.Back in the days when we went on a date,even twice,jeez I've been bloody nervous.But thats all gone.

I always tell myself that he's too young and too childish and just not my type of bloke.
But the other day when we've been out celebrating my birthday and he came along to say 'hi'...oh my,I was so happy to see him again and to hug him and talk to him and all.I just enjoy being around him.Guess I have to spend some more time with him to figure things out tho I just dont think its fair on him because I know he would like to date me :/

A guy from work.We share a lot of interests which makes it easy to connect.We went to a football game together which was good fun.He plays the drums and even got two drum kits = I am jealous! haha He likes to go to an Irish pub to get drunk which is exactly my cup of tea as well.And I even make him some food at work every now and then when he's hungry.And that means a whole damn lot lol
I noticed a while ago that I like him a tiny bit more than I would in a friendly way.
But last Friday made me think to be honest.Because Chris,Andrea and me had the "open end shift".Once we were done Chris said he would drive to McD now as he was starving.I thought about going as well but the McD he was about to go to was in like the opposite direction of my home and it was already past 2am...Anyway.He was about to leave and was asking wether somebody (aka Andrea or me) would leave as well...I would have loved because it felt just right leaving with him at that moment.But Andrea wasnt finished and as I know how much Andrea hates walking through the dark and empy car park on her own I thought I shouldnt leave her...So Chris left alone.
Andrea and me left a couple of minutes afterwards and out of nowhere she was like "You noticed that Chris actually wanted you to leave with him because he wanted to be alone with you?!" I honestly was like o_____O WTF?! Because until then I always thought I would imagine that tension between us but obviously other people notice as well.

We know each other since February,never really managed to meet up tho (beside seeing him during 2 handball games) because we're just too busy.
But I honestly think that at times we try to avoid meeting up because that might change things.Idk :/
I like him.About 2 weeks ago I saw him after a handball match of his brother.I didnt expect to see him there.He was waiting for his brother with his parents hence why I didnt dare to go up to him.Not sure if I would if he would have been alone because I was bloody nervous...seriously,I was shaking like hell and that doesnt happen to often :/
I dont know what to expect.I dont know what will happen.IF something will happen...but I like him ways too much *sighs*

I met him earlier that month while I was out celebrating my birthday.I know,guys you met at a club usually arent made for a stable relationship.And I know we girls tend to say "But he's different!" and he really seems to be different.
But he moved to the south of Germany only 3 days after we met to study there.Tho he said now that we met he regrets making that decision...hmpf.To believe or not ot believe.
Anyway,we keep texting and mailing now and just today he said he would love if I would come over in December to pay him a visit.
But he doesnt seems to have anything but friendly intention.Then again,talking online makes it hard to express feelings,no?!
Maybe we should just talk on the phone somewhen...might make thinks easier...

So yeah.
These are my men.
Got no clue what to do.Guess I just have to wait and see...try to make things work somehow...
Sorry for taking your time.

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[October 19, 2010]

I know it's not like anyone is still reading this but I just feel like writing right now...and I'm honestly too lazy to write it all down in my real diary ;)

I need to get stuff off my chest...Collapse )I need to get stuff off my chest...Collapse )

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[September 20, 2010]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Ok,I need a new plan!
It's my best friends birthday on the 22nd and she's over in Ireland.Doesnt make it really easy to pick the right gift for her.
I actually had a really good idea by Friday night about what to get her.But if there's no miracle happening I won't be able to realise it anymore...which sucks mighty :(
I just have to go into town tomorrow before work & find something for her.
I'm pretty desperate to be honest.
What sucks the most is the fact that it probaly wont arrive in time...but she knows me more than 5 years by now and I hope she understands once I was able to expain it all to her :(

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[September 19, 2010]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Why does it take so bloody damn long to get all the pictures,videos,everything else over to Biebstuber?! -_-
It's really annoying but it just has to be done,no :/

Beside getting annoyed by this taks haha I'm watching Howard Carpendale on telly ♥ ^^
There's only crap on telly anyway and I really,really enjoy watching him in concert :) Unfortunately it's already over in about 15 minutes...
I'll definitely look for a new job afterwards!
I'm always moaning about how desperate I am for something new but on the other hand I'm too lazy to look around for something -_-
Well I actually been searching a few times already but I didn't find ANYTHING at all that sounded interesting to me...I guess that's why I cant bring myself to keep on searching :/
But I HAVE to.
I want to quit by the 1st of December.
I wouldn't really mind if I havnt got a job just for this one month but I want to find something for January again at least.
We'll see.
Fingers crossed,valé?!

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[September 18, 2010]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm bored at home on a Saturday night.
I should actually be at work well no,I'd already be off by now but I called in sick this morning cos I've got a bad and annoying cold :(
There's only crap on telly once again so I decided to spend some more time with my new Acer notebook :)
Oh btw.I called it Biebstuber xDDD
Yes,at times I'm a bad,bad fangirl haha But I just couldn't help it when the program asked me to name the computer ^^ Biebstuber was just the first name that came to my mind ;)
I'm still busy getting all my pictures & videos from the old to my new notebook,downloading stuff like Skype and all that...gonna take some time until I'm finally done.
But it's really worth it.My old notebook was just really slow in the end.It was annoying to use it cos it would already take ages just to start.On bad days you could hardly watch any videos and all.So I'm pretty happy about having a new one now ;)
To be fair tho,my old notebook is about 5 1/2 years old by now so I guess you can't expect too much anymore ^^

Anyway.Football kinda sucked today as Bayern only drawed one again...
We're like on the 12th place or something.I knoooow,the season pretty much just started but we're already 7 points or something like that behind.Thats quite a lot! Luckily the other teams I'd expect to play for the title arent doing much better ;)
Stuttgart finally won! And boy did they make it a clear one haha...7:0 me arse! Was quite happy for them :)

Nothing more to say really.
I only did this entry because I'm really bored to be honest.So there wasnt much on my mind anyway ;)
I might watch some more Flashpoint or a movie online,we'll see.
Not even sure yet wether I'm going to work tomorrow or not.I'd have to start at 11am...I'll just get up tomorrow morning and see how I'm doing and will decide then...

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Danger! Lots of whining involved... [September 08, 2010]
[ mood | tired ]

I don't really know what I want from life.How I want it to be.What I want to reach.Where I want to go.
But I just feel like I'm stuck lately.
People around me are moving on.Are moving away.
To really cool & interesting places.Places which are far away & sound like fun.
All over Germany.
To take cool jobs.To gain new expieriences.To handle new situations.To grow.
And I'm stuck here...
With a work contract that expires in January.Which a job I actually love but which I'd like to quit before Christmas.Just because I want to spend 3 proper days of Christmas with my family again.And to spend New Years Eve with me bestie.And because the place I'm working at is just not pretty fascinating nor exciting anymore.I've been there for for almost 3 1/2 years now & I've seen it all.

Well one could say there's always something new & different in hotel business and/or a restaurant.
But it's still like I'm doing all the same.Day in,day out.
I wouldn't mind to continue working in a restaurant.
But I just want something new.

Shh,dont tell me now to just go & look for a new job!
I tried that.During the last,like what?! 3 month already?
Sometimes more,sometimes less,true.But I just had a look last night & there was only one,yes ONE job that sounded more or less appealing to me :/
I'll go to take some pictures which I need to apply,write my CV and a letter.Even tho it's not the kind of job which I really,really want...
Then again.
I guess I'm not even sure WHAT I want...*sighs*
Well,I kinda do.But life is no request programme and just because I'd love to do something I won't get it.
Yet I havn't got a clue how to achieve what I want.
How to work for and with the people I'd love to.
You know a job which involves sports event management.Or organisation.Anything that got to do with handball or football.Like working at a venue.For a team.Or something alike.
Jeez,that would make me utterly happy and all.
But it's unlikely to happen.
It's just so far away & something different from what I've learned during my apprenticeship.
As I said,I wouldn't mind to work in a restaurant or something alike for the next like 2 or 3 years.As long as it's a good one & work is interesting and kind of challenging,fine for me.

Another thing is like...
I'm not even sure wether I want to stay or to leave :/
Actually,I guess I'd to stay.At least for now.I'm just too afraid to let go of some people,I'm too attached to my family,home & friends and such.
I know it's not pretty helpful if I want to move on.And moving somewhere else would most definitely help me to grow up.To become more independent...
But I guess I won't dare to do that all on my own.
It's not even that I'm afraid of being all alone in another city.No family nor friends,nobody I know around.
Hell no,if that would be the case I wouldn't have travelled on my own all the time haha
But there's still a huge difference between travelling for a while & moving somewhere while like,forever.Or even just a little longer.
I just don't want to leave some things behind me.To let go of some habits.Some people.
Actually I'm kind of envious of people who will and can just leave everything behind to move somewhere.To take a new job at like the other end of the country.To study at the other end of the world.
It seems like they just don't worry as much as I do.
And it's not even like I'm leaving love behind...That's a different story but it doens't really fit in now plus I'm not too eager to talk about that topic really -_-

On the other hand tho I'd really,really love to go away from here.
Even tho it might just be for 3 months.
I met Flo (a good friend I'm working with) in town earlier on and we got talking about jobs and stuff as well.And he knows how much I love Ireland & all that.
He was like "If you don't want to move over there permanently.Why don't you just go & look for a job for just a couple of months? You'll have something where you're happy at plus you got a few month of extra time to look for something else here in Germany."
And he is probably even right. But I don't know if it's possible to get a proper job over there for only a few month.I will have to look that up & even IF.I'm not sure if I'd dare to :/

Enough of whining and weeping.
Gotta work tomorrow hell yeah! but unfortunately I'm not tired yet.
I'll just browse the net & LJ and have a look at some pictures of todays game.
Admire the prettiness that is our team ♥
And enjoy happy!Biebstuber celebrating his goal once again haha Oh baby you make me one happy and proud Momma xD
No seriously.
I was watching the game with my Mam & Da and I was like "I swear! Holger will score tonight.Just wait!" all the time haha
He scored! xD
You wouldn't believe how excited I was xD I was giggling like a mad one & saying "SAW THAT ?!?! I told you so!! Oh Biebstuber...♥..." again and again haha
Later on my brother was like "Why the heck are you calling him Biebstuber all the time?!"
Me: "But...that's his name,no?!" o_O
Bad thing is,I was seriously thinking I was right for a moment haha
Oh Livejournal / netspeak...what are you doing to me?! xD
Luckily my family already got used to me calling Manu Neuer "duckie" cos I already did that before it was fashion here in LJ ;)

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Mini hiatus... [September 01, 2010]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm going to Hamburg tomorrow morning :)

Only for a day tho as I'm already coming back by Thursday evening...
Going there to see my handball guys play! It's the first home game of the new season & it will be the first time I'll see them play at that huge arena,hence why I'm excited haha
Guess another reason I'm a bit excited is the fact that I never drove that far by car all on my own...but I couldn't think of a reason why it shouldn't work out ;)
I'm actually thinking about stopping by at Primark in Bremen on my way back home even tho I just been there last week but oh my...it's Primark after all xD We'll see ;)

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Hell yeah...!!! [August 31, 2010]
[ mood | dorky ]

I just thought it was about time to update my Lifejournal again haha
It's not like many people are still reading this as I pretty much neglected my journal for a good while but anyway.I'm on holiday,it's 2.24am & I've got nothing better to do anyway ;)

Well I could follow my newest obsession and watch "Flashpoint" or read some fanfiction about it,true.
But it's not like I couldn't do that after writing this,you know ^^
You havn't heard about "Flashpoint" yet?!
It's like teeeeh bestest Canadian police drama televison series ever,I swear.A team made of five awesome guys & one pretty woman,some guns,cool cars and interesting stories.You couldn't ask for more ;)
I only fell in love with it like 2 month ago and bought the 1st seasons DVD a while back.But since then I can't get enough of it,it's not funny anymore at times haha

One reason that makes it even harder to resist Flashpoint....Mr Sam Braddock hahaCollapse )
Enough about "Flashpoint for now ;)
As I mentioned before,I'm on holiday right now! Been for a week & there's a whole more week to come,yay.
I've actually been quite busy last week but I enjoyed it :)
I spent Sunday,first day of my holiday,with Chris (a guy I'm working with) at the football pitch watching a 5th league game haha It was a new experience but it was good fun really.Later that evening I was skyping with my best mate who's currently in Ireland.And jeez,I really did enjoy talking to her after almost 5 weeks... :))
Monday was quite a lazy day and Tuesday I did some grocery shopping for our trip to Bremen.
On Wednesday I went to a concert of Howard Carpendale with my mum :) It's a kind of tradition already as we went to see him once a year for like the last 4 or 5 years ^^
I really like him tho he's already over 60 haha His music is pretty good,I like most of the lyrics as I can relate to lots of them & yeah,he's just fun to see in a concert ;)
Thursday & Friday were spent in Bremen with my brother :))
Good,good fun! Been our first road trip just on our own & even tho the weather pretty much sucked we still had lots of fun <3

On Saturday my mum & me went to our neighbouring town as there was a 3-days kind of festival going on.You know,some stages with musicians & artists,lots of food,all kind of things to see & buy and such.
Not too interesting,esp not if you've been there a couple of times before during the last years but we actually went there to see Marc Terenzi ^^
Not sure if anybody actually knows him but oh my,I love him haha
He used to be in a 'boyband' called Natural back in 2000 until like 2003/2004.He started a solo carrer,was married to German singer Sarah Connor and well yeah.From like '05 til '07 me & a couple of girls used to spent a hell lot of time with him ;) We travelled through Germany to see him perform,we hung out with him and his band literally everywhere,went to his aftershow party,got concert tickets & backstage passes from Marc & just had a really good time and were pretty close.By the end of 2007 tho it got kind of quiet around him & the last time we met was back in November 07...until last Saturday haha
Well he was performing for about an hour which I already totally enjoyed :)) He played lots of older songs so it felt like being back in the 'good old times' ;)
He & the band did a really good job during the gig and I was already more than happy ^^ I wasnt even up to go & try to meet him as it was already close to 11pm & cos the whole area was muddy as hell.
But when we were about to leave me mum was like "Have a look over there,theres something going on...".So we went around the stage and tadaaaah.
There was the Mister himself taking pictures & signing stuff...It wasnt really crowed so it took me like less than a minute to get up to him.
He first was like "Hya..." *not looking up while signing stuff for another girl*
....*looking up.looking at me.o______O* "Heyyyyyyyyy! How you doing?! What you're doing here? It's been aaaages since we met.Like what...3 years?!"
And seriously,I didn't expect that AT ALL haha I never thought he could remember me as we hadnt met for almost 3 years and cos he's getting to know so many people all the time. But well yeah,he obviously could remember.He wouldnt stop talking about how long it's been,he wouldn't stop askin me questions and all that,even tho there were still another good few people around waiting for him xD
We were talking for about 5 minutes and he invited me to come to the "Europa Park" in Rust,which is a theme park with rides and all that and where he runs a horror show which just got voted "best horror event in the world" or something like that at least xD So yeah,we'll try to stay in contact now via Twitter & I'll definitely go to Rust later this year to see this horror stuff and Marc again :))

The one & only Marc Terenzi and me ;)Collapse )

Well that's it for now I guess.
Just because I'm afraid LJ will do something mean to my entry if it's getting to long haha
Guess I'll be back by tomorrow as there won't be much happening anyway ;)

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[July 16, 2010]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Lately life is too busy plus Facebook & Twitter are too interesting to keep my LF up to date haha
But there's not TOO much happening in my life actually I guess.

The Worldcup is already over.Which is a shame.
My German guys won the 3rd place.And yes,I'm bloody damn proud of them.A lot of people never thought they'd the able to survive the frist round but my babies actually made it pretty far.

Love life still sucks.
I'd like to say things with Paul are done.But I still like him too much,no matter what happened between the two of us.
Micha & me never find a day to meet up as we're both too catched up in our jobs.
And well Achim is just Achim.Still the little brother of my most favourite handball player ever,who is too busy with his job & training as well loln!

Well yeah.
Next week my bestie is leaving to Ireland again.
For nine month this time tho! That's quite a difference compared to only 3 month.
But I know it's her dream hence why I wont say a thing...

Me is off now!
Catch ye all soon,babes :)

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WTF ?! o.O [January 29, 2010]
[ mood | bored ]

LJ ate at least 2/3 of my entry o____O
Not bothered to write it all again tho I was really enjoying updating my LJ again *sighs*

I might catch up with you guys soon again!
I'm busy during the weekend.
Meeting up with good friends,trying to solve my love life and all that ;)
But I'm still reading all of your entries even tho I'm hardly replying and stuff.
Sorry about that :(

Take care and talk soonish! :)

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[January 06, 2010]
Ask me anything http://formspring.me/tinchen2909
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What a year... [November 04, 2009]
[ mood | sad ]

Another beautiful & gorgeous person past away yesterday...all of a sudden and so bloody unexpected.He was only 60 after all :(

R.I.P. Daddy Byrne!

Thoughts & prayers go out to Nicky,his mom Yvonne,Gillian,Adam & the rest of the family...
Nicky Sr will be truely missed <3

It's just so wrong...Nicky Sr seemed to be full of life & like he enjoyed it to bits. I still remember the time he performed together with the other lads dads 'That's Life' live on telly...or when Nico 'punked' his mum & dad on 'Anomynous' being the weird Garda lad who came to their home which was just incredibly funny <3
I even saw him once at the Point Theatre in Dublin right before a Westlife concert but I didnt bother to walk up to him,his wife & Adam as it just felt wrong to me...tho I guess he would have been anything but unfriendly or such if I'd have talked to him or such ^^

Nicky Sr passing away just makes you realize once more what's really important in life...how fast life can change & how soon everything can be over *sighs*

2006 during a football tournament...

Back in 2000 :)

I'm pretty worried about Nico tbh...after all he was so damn close to his dad & I guess it's fairly known how sensible Nico actually is...
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Boys are back in town! [October 24, 2009]
[ mood | excited ]

My boys are back <3
Everybody give it up for Westlife and their new single "What about now" ;)

New single is out now! And yes,I pretty much guess I fell in love with it <33 tho I only heard it once so far xD
They are doing radio interviews,they are on tv shows again from tomorrow on,the album is out by the end of this month...now all we need is a tour to be announced haha

Pretty gutted that you can't hear Nicky nor Kian at all...not even during the chorus o.O
But then again,what did I expect ?! :/

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[September 22, 2009]
What was the best birthday gift you ever received? What made it so special?
Most definitely my brother! <3
He was born on my 4th birthday & I still remember walking into the hospital room carrying a little cake being all proud to be a big sister now xD

He'll already turn 18 next week...jeez,time went by o.O
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[September 20, 2009]
[ mood | awake ]

Its been ages,I know. As always haha
But right know I just felt like updating my LJ again...

I guess lots of stuff happened lately,just not sure what to tell you guys ;)

Just had a looovely weekend with my best mate again,its good to have her back home after she's been in Ireland for 3 month <3
We went to donate blood on Friday (tho I wasnt allowed to as I've got a cold *hmpf*),went to watch football yesterday! Borussia Dortmund II vs Wuppertaler SV <3
Its been my first live match at a stadium this season and we as 'we' in Dortmund haha won 2:0 just made it extra special! :) Plus I'm in contact with the Sascha,2nd goalie of Wuppertal for a good while now via mails & txt messages after meeting at my favourite club twice ^^ So I enjoyed seeing him again,tho he obviously wasn't playing ;)
He seemed to be kinda mad at me tho when I told him afterwards that I've been at the game loln
Because he desperately wants to meet up with me again & I didn't tell him I'd be at the match...

Anyway ^^
We enjoyed the match,met Cookie who's actually a player of Dortmund as well but currently injured due to a broken wrist, went to our favourite Irish Pub after the game to watch a bit of Bundesliga.
Did some grocery shopping afterwards & went home to have some pizza for dinner ;)
Been watching 'Projekt Gold' in the evening <333 Jeeez,how I love my handball guys haha

What sucked about yesterday tho...
M.'s grandpa died on Friday night *sighs*
I was texting him to ask about the football game he wanted to attend & didnt know about his grandpa at this point obviously...
And then he told me & at situation like these I never know what to say & how to react really o.O :/
I mean...things between M. & me still didnt move on.We're actually gettin along pretty well,more like on a friendship base tho...Im letting him know every know & then that I do like him QUITE a lot but still.
And know that his grandpa died I just think its wrong to try to push things.
I offered him my support & told him he could contact me at anytime and he told me he'd appreciate it...<3
I really really reaaaally do like him a damn lot.
Hence why I'm gettin into things with Sascha,tho he's such a lovely good looking guy as well :/
I know that Sascha likes me as well bc he told me so.But I just believe that things between me & M. will work out if I'm just patient enough *sighs*

I only have to work for 4 more days until Im off on holiday for 3 whole weeks! :D
That sounds so bloody appealing to me haha
Theres school tomorrow,work from Tuesday til Thursday,Im off on Friday,work on Saturday again...and then.HOLIDAY!!! xD ;)
Im only on early shifts (7am - 4pm) next week as well which makes it even better ^^

And once Im off on holiday its my & my little brothers birthday quite soon,definitely looking forward ;)
First of all its my best mates birthday next Tuesday tho,still preparing her pressie!
Im not telling you anymore right now as she's reading my LJ as well and I dont want her to know anything ;)
Its nothing really big this year but I gave it a good thought...and I guess that's what counts ;)

Guess Im done for now.
Really enjoyed updating my LJ tbh.
Its something different to Twitter...writing in whole sentences and stuff haha
See you around guys! <3

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